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Petrol ürünleri

Field of Export & Import of the Company:

  • Oil, Gas and petrochemical Industries;
  • Food & Beverage Industries;
  • Pharmaceutical Industries;
  • Lead & Zinc Industries;
  • Cosmetic & Hygiene Industries;
  • Chemical and Mineral processing industries;
  • Textile industries;
  • Plating industries;
  • Agricultural industries;
  • Cement Industries.


The company due to having the experience and extensive business facilities and experts, be able to provide petroleum products and petrochemical products for domestic consumption and export in the shortest time and with competitive prices and conditions.

Such as:

Types of chemicals:
Menu ethylene glycoldi ethylene glycoltriethylene glycolsulfuric acidvinyl acetate monomerIsobutanoldiethyl Hgzanvlsulfuric acidethanol amine,Svdkastyklinear alkyl benzene (LAB), ParaxyleneAvrtvzaylynmethanolbenzenecarbonate sodiumhydrochloric acidnitric acid,  (CFO), acrylonitrile butadieneStyrence (ABS), sulfur granulationbaking sodasolvents 400 (Special), Solution 402, Solution 403, Solution 404, Solution 406, Solution 410urea productionammonia (gas, liquidand ...

Types of material:
Types of polyethylenepolypropylene typesstyrene butadiene rubber (SBR), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polystyrenepoly butadiene rubbercrystal melamineepoxyresinstyrene monomerdi-ammonium phosphate  ...

Types of bitumen:
30.40 bitumentar, 40.5060.70 bitumenbitumen 85.100100.120 bitumenbitumen MC250, bitumen emulsion ...

Heavy naphthalight naphtha ...

Soot, industrial soot ...

Types of extract in bulk or barrels

ArgonLPGbutanepropane  ...


Types of industrial oils:

The company is also involved in the import and distribution of different industrial oils, different types of lubricants (Grease), various specialized oils (industrial specialty lubricants), this company, with a very noticeable gap, compared to other companies has a significant activity.

We would like to have a firm and ongoing communication and collaboration, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Such as:

  • Types of base oils
  • Slough Wax
  • Paraffin Wax
  • Cutting oils
  • Gear oils
  • Chain oils
  • Turbine oils
  • Textile oils
  • Circulating oils
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Lubricants Machine Tools
  • Steam cylinder oils
  • Multifunction oils
  • Marine Engine oils
  • Gasoline Engine oils
  • Heat transfer oils
  • Gas Compressor oils
  • Air Compressor oils
  • Transformer oils
  • Pneumatic drill oils
  • Automatic transmission oils, ATF
  • Refrigeration compressor oils
  • Anti rust and anti-corrosion oils
  • road construction machinery oils
  •   ... 


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