Oil & Petrolium

Supply of petroleum products

and industrial oils

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Mineral - Petrochemical

Supply of Petrochemical


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Machinery & Equipment

Industry supply

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agricatural & food

The supply of agricultural products

and food supply

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conditions for export to Iran is different depending on the type of goods and exporters to export must know conditions and rules governed about custom fees or have an authoritate representative in Iran, otherwise have to suffer the created loss and damages. In case you are interested in exporting your products to Iran you can consult with Bin Trading Corporation and use the provided services:

Our services:

- Importing products to Iran

- Counselling about investment in Iran

- Introducing potential Iranian costumers

- Negotiating with Iranian firms on behalf of the seller

- Validating export to Iran

- Marketing for foreign products in Iran

- Providing transportation, custom, insurance, investigation and other services in Iran

- Exchanging the currency

- Legal counselling services to contractors

- Providing oil, mineral, nutritional products and machinaries for buyers and Iranian merchants


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