Bin Commercial Group started working in 2011 to increase Iran’s trade and to facilitate international merchants and producers interaction to Iranian dealers and customers. Main office is in Mashhad, Iran, with its representatives in all Iran’s custom’s checks and its cooperation with international logistic corps, exports Iranian goods to other countries and imports foreign products to Iran.


Our Goals:

Creating a safe and trustworthy corridor to transit and import goods to Iran

Due to Iran’s geographical location, reaching from South to Persian Gulf and neighboring to Middle East countries from North; terrestrial transit from countries like Iraq and Turkey to East and Middle East of Asia; or even through sea to other points in the world, Bin Commercial Group can cooperate in transiting goods and as a representative due to Inco terms assist foreign companies even in Iran’s custom affairs.


Introducing Iran’s export goods

Another field Bin is active in is introduction of producer and export firms like (carpet, saffron, pistachio, organic dung, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, petrochemical and oil deviants, and …) to world’s markets.


Introducing Iranian’s services

Iran is a commodious country to use modern medical services with the lowest fee in the world. Equipped clinics and hospitals of Iran are as destinations for Middle East countries to have beauty services (like hair plantation, beauty surgeries, and …), to cure pregnancy illnesses, or to have special surgeries, making Iran popular among its neighbors. Most tourists along with visiting monuments and cultural buildings, also use cheap services of clinics and hospitals; they accommodate in luxurious and cheap Iranian hotels.

Bin Commercial Group provides the chance for foreigners to use these services from their arrival to departure time. To gain more information refer to medical services in our services web page.


 Introduction and Import of foreign goods

Bin Commercial Group cooperates in importing goods of international firms from different parts of the world to Iran.

In case you are interested in introducing your products or services to markets of Iran, please send an e-mail your complete information about the product. To have a better feedback, translate information of your products to Persian or lets us do this best. To get more information go to “export to Iran” webpage.


Building trust and assurance in international deals for foreign buyers and sellers

Building a safe and trustworthy system to commerce with Iran is our another goal. This relationship is possible through accreditation of Iranian buyer or seller, ability to communicate with creditable Iranian commercial organizations and Chambers of Commerce, refund bonds at purchase time and goods shipping bond at sell time, cooperation in signing buy or sell contracts based on international and Iran’s law, and litigating in Iran’s courts.

To familiarize and contacts us, you can refer to “contact us” webpage.