in Trading Corporation is a consortium of some firms producing food, industrial, and oil products and sells these products on behalf of them with

lowest possible but best quality

possible for the customers. We have always been trying to create the easiest and best commercial conditions possible for our customers and provide

the highest profit by introducing manufacturers and producers better to different countries. In case you are interested in having commerce with Iran,

you can be in touch with commercial services available by Bin Trading Corporation:


Our services:

- Introducing Iranian producers and suppliers

- Selling and Providing petrolieum, petrochemical, and oil products

- Providing and suppling agriculture and food products

- Providing and suppling mineral and raw material

- Selling and suppling Iranian devices and accessories

- Negotiating with Iranian customers on behalf of buyers

- Inquring best possible price and calcaulating expenses for buying from Iran

- Providing transportation, custom, insurance, investigation and other services in Iran and Middle-East

- Exchanging currencies

- Providing legal advice counselling services for contractors

To familiarize and contacts us, you can refer to contact us webpage.